Temporary Projectors in CAB H 52/3

The projectors mounted to the ceiling in CAB H 52 and 53 have been removed because of safety concerns regarding the mounting. After the necessary construction work they will be back.

Until then we have placed the old projectors in the two rooms. Because most of the time they are not needed they are stowed away on the wooden sideboard in each room.



If you need one, place them on the second row of tables as shown in the photographs below. If the height-adjustable feet are too short, please use the red plastic part to elevate the front so that the picture does not cover the blackboard.

If you need assistance then please contact our service desk during the opening hours.

Please account for five minutes preparation time to set everything up and re-seat people.

IMG_1560.JPG IMG_1561.JPG IMG_1562.JPG

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