The Exchange server is protected by multiple filters to avoid viruses, junk and phishing mails.

If you are a BSc or MSc student then your mail is in Exchange Online and the information below does not apply to you. Instead use the instructions for client setup here and access to web mail here.

SPAM Filter

All SPAM mails and other junk such as unwanted newsletters are filtered. More information can be found here.

Virus and Attachment Filter

All incoming mails are checked for viruses. If any suspicious attachments are found they are replaced with a warning text file containing:

Der Virenfilter hat eine Anlage mit dem Namen ... aus dieser Nachricht 
entfernt, da diese bösartigen Code enthält und somit ein Sicherheitsrisiko darstellt. Wenn 
die Datei fälschlicherweise entfernt wurde und Sie diese benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an 
den Absender um die Datei über einen anderen Kanal zu erhalten.

The virus filter has removed an attachment named ... from this message, as 
it constituted a security hazard.  If the file has been removed in error and you need this, 
please contact the sender to receive the file via a different channel

The detailed criteria when an attachment is blocked are documented by ITS here.

Mails sent among users on the ETH Exchange server directly are not subject to the virus check.


All incoming mails that suspiciously look like phishing mails are automatically sorted into a special mail queue. This queue is only checked periodically during office hours by ITS staff. Regular mails are manually released.

Mails sent among users on the ETH Exchange server directly are not subject to the phishing mail check.


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