isginf operates a Nextcloud at for use by D-INFK members and D-INFK students.


If you are a D-INFK member and D-INFK student you can log in to using your ETH user name and ETH password for web applications.

Disk Space

D-INFK members start with 100GB storage. D-INFK students are limited to 10GB.

Contact our our service desk with a justification if you need more space.

Restore Data

If you have deleted data that cannot be recovered from the trash or older file versions then please contact our our service desk.

Sync Clients

A client to synchronise a local copy of your is available for various computer and mobile operating systems. The mobile apps also include additional functionality.


Download the sync client from for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

For Linux the client is installed from a software repository:

Distro Command to run
Fedora 31+ sudo dnf install epel-release ; sudo dnf install nextcloud-client
CentOS 7+ sudo dnf install nextcloud-client
Ubuntu 18.04 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt install nextcloud-client
Ubuntu 20.04+ sudo apt install nextcloud-desktop nautilus-nextcloud


During setup please specify as server and follow the instructions.

Talk Client

For Android and iOS the Nextcloud Talk app can be installed to use the chat functionality on mobile devices.

Sharing Data

Sharing can be done for a directory tree or a single file. Click in the share icon next to the file or directory that you want to share.

Share with D-INFK Members and Students

Search for the user and define the level of access.

For sharing with more than one user you can also create circles (groups) of users first and share with a circle.

Share with external People

Use Share link to generate a URL which you can provide to your external collaboration partner. Use additional restrictions such as password protection or link expiration to further secure access.

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