Providing IT services and support to students and researchers of the Department of Computer Science of ETH Zurich, all of whom are IT experts, is a challenge all by itself. The IT Service Group is up to the task, and we do our best to provide a solid infrastructure for our customers and help in all situations.

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D-INFK Switches to MAB

More and more research groups switch from a static VLAN configuration on the office UTP plugs to MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB). This has benefits for users but also requires some considerations regarding security.

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Help and Support

If you have an issue with IT or want to use one of our services then please check our support and help section. Information for our various customers groups can be found here.

You are always welcome to contact our service desk and talk to our staff.

IT Services

Among the various IT services that we provide, the following are the most relevant to all our researchers, students and staff:

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Your IT Coordinator

Find out who is your IT Coordinator.

Systems State

System State

Gitlab Pipelines of some project stuck

For some projects the last fix for Gitlab CI does not seem to work. There is a known bug in Gitlab, but no fix so far.
(2017-10-17 - 07:13)

Gitlab-CI jobs pending / failing

Currently there is a problem with Gitlab CI which can lead to endlessly pending or failing jobs. The problem exists even with own runners and is a bug upstream. We...
(2017-10-13 - 09:51)

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