Personal Home Pages

Every D-INFK member is entitled to a personal home page hosted on the departmental web server.

Your personal home page will be deleted when you leave ETH. Please put files that you reference in publications on the group or institute web site.

For sharing files with individual people we recommend


Your personal home page can be officially accessed through the following URLs:

  • (with TLS)

where login is your ETH user name.

Your Home Page

The files published in your home page are stored in a folder called public_html. The index pages should be named index.html or index.php.

The web server runs an Apache HTTPD server version 2.4 and PHP version 5.3 with the following settings for the personal home pages:

AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes
Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch IncludesNoExec


For stability and security reasons CGI scripts and symbolic links to files that you do not own are disabled.


You can store up to 2GB of data in your personal home page which should be sufficient for normal use. If you need more space then please contact your IT Coordinator or isginf. Your current allowed space (quota) can be viewed here.

Life Cycle

A dedicated user account for the personal home page is automatically created for you when you become a D-INFK member.

When you leave ETH the user account will be deleted. You can provide us with an URL for a permanent redirect.


Your home directory used for the web server can be accessed on the login host You can log in to this system using a secure shell or SFTP client with your ETH user name and mail service password.

Alternatively the home directory is also accessible via SMB/CIFS. The share name is \\\login where login is your ETH user name.

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