isginf hosts websites of institutes, research groups and members of the D-INFK.

Your Web Home

Every website is linked to an administrative account and user. The precise setup of your account is negotiated on request.


The administrative account get a quota of 2GB. If you need more space, please contact your ITC or isginf to discuss the situation.

Document Root

The files published are stored in a folder usualy called www/htdocs in the home directory of the administrative account. The index pages should be named index.html.

CGI Script Directory

CGI scripts, if enabled, be placed in www/cgi-scripts in the home directory of the administrative account. The URL for CGIs is http://site_name/cgi-bin/script.

Use of .htaccess

You can create .htaccess files to control how web pages are served. Read the apache tutorial on .htaccess files for more details.


The home directory used for the web server is directly visible on You can log in to this machine via ssh using the administrative account.

Alternatively the home directory is accessible wie SMB/CIFS. The share name is \\\login where login is the login of the administrative account. For further information about accessing out file server, please consult the iiStore Access Documentation


We do not provide a database service. We recommend the MySQL service fom ITS for databases up to 100MB.


The log files ([ssl_]access_log and [ssl_]error_log) are available for statistical analysis and debugging purposes. Logfiles are rotated every month, old logs are kept for 6 months.

The log files are usually reachable via the symbolic link www/logs in the home directory of the administrative account on

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