isginf provides storage for different types of data.

Personal and Project Data

isginf maintains a cluster of servers (the iiStore cluster) for file storage with NFS and SMB/CIFS connectivity. This service is available to all groups and institutes of the D-INFK. Key features are:

  • Total storage capacity scaling upto 50TB
  • High performance network and storage
  • High availability (minimal downtime in case of failure or maintenance)
  • Backup of all data to an off-site tape library
  • Daily snapshots for quick restores
  • Archival of deleted home directories

Scratch Data

We also maintain an alternative scratch file server for people who are interested in high performance and large amounts of space rather than high availability and data safety. Data on this server is not backed up but we still use high-grade hardware and RAID6 to store the data.


For archiving large sets of research data we are using the ITS Long Term Storage.

Other Storage Solutions

For research groups with special needs we can also provide dedicated storage solutions based on the following technologies:

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