Long Term Storage

ITS provides the Long Term Storage (LTS) service to departments for archiving large amounts of data that is not actively used anymore but cannot be deleted. isginf manages access the share for the D-INFK and provides first-level support.

This service is only intended for large archive files (10GB to 200GB). These are copied to a SMB/CIFS share and are then redundantly stored on two tapes, one in ETH Zentrum and one in Hönggerberg. The files remain visible in the share.


Files can be accessed through


where {ou} is the lower case organizational unit name of your research group or institute. If you need read or write access to the LTS share directory of your group then please contact your ITC.

Writing Data

Data is quickly written to an intermediate storage and remains there for one hour since last changed. Files can therefore be renamed or overwritten during one hour. After that, the files and their file system meta data such as file names are immutable.

Do not write data to the root of the share, only into the directory of your group. Misplaced data will be deleted.

Reading Data

All files on tape are still visible in the CIFS share. Reading a file will is very slow as it needs to be read back from tape.


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