Scratch Space

isginf operates a storage server for temporary data that does not need backup. Each research group can have their own shares with dedicated storage for their users.

Each group that uses this service usually has a share scratch that is available to all users of the group.

Optional Dedicated Disks

Research groups with large data needs can buy large quantities of storage buy buying disks. Disks are added to the system in groups of eight at once (RAID6 with 6 disks and two parity). With 10TB drives the usable space would then be 60TB.

ITCs can contact our service desk if they are interested.

Availability and Redundancy

Scratch space The scratch file server uses high-grade hardware but the server is not redundant (the disks are).

Availability and Safety of Data

The system needs to be booted from time to time to upgrade the operating system. This is typically announced to the ITCs beforehand.

We use server-grade hardware but there is no redundancy on the level of the server. The storage uses RAID 6 on groups of eight disks to make it resilient even to multiple hard drive failures. Snapshots of the file systems protect against accidental deletion.


There is no backup of your data on the scratch space!


Access to the shares can be through NFS3 or SMB/CIFS. The available shares for each group are typically worked out with the groups ITC.

The list of shares of your group on the scratch space along with the access policies can be found in the section with information for research groups.

Integration in isginf Linux Installations

On Linux installations managed by isginf the shares are accessible under /pub (via autofs), i.e., the scratch share is available under /pub/scratch.

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