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Each group has 1TB available on the scratch space anyway, higher amounts are up to negotiation.


Each group starts with a single share scratch, available through NFS3 and SMB/CIFS. If you need additional shares or additional storage please consult with us.


Shares are made available via NFS4 and Kerberos and are accassible site-wide.


Shares are accessible from anywhere at ETH but require authentication. ACLs are used for access control. Encrypted SMB3 is available through dedicated shares with -secure added to the name.

Dedicated Disks

If you buys disks then there are a certain rules:

  • Your disks may be allocated in a large pool (all users of the pool benefit of the IOPS of all disks) or in their own pool (your users only get the IPOS of the disks you bought), which one depends on the deployment strategy we choose.
  • If a disk breaks in a pool outside of warranty then the group who bought that particular disk has the obligation to pay to replace it.
  • The minimum guaranteed usage time is five years, the maximum is seven years. After that you will have to buy new disks.
  • When the disks are removed they remain the property of ISG and will reuse them as we see fit, for instance for the student cluster.

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