Physical Servers

isginf hosts and manages physical servers. We recommend virtual servers but physical servers are cheaper if you need one or more of the following:

  • Large storage
  • High I/O
  • High CPU load or performance
  • Special hardware (e.g., GPUs)

Standard Platform

isginf selects a standard server platform that we recommend for normal servers that can be customized to your needs. Currently this platform is:

  • Intel r2264i5 (2U) or r2164i5 (1U) from Dalco with one or two Intel Xeon CPUs on a S2600WTTR motherboard.
  • Intel Management Module 4
  • ARECA RAID controller
  • 4 to 12 3.5" hot-plug SAS or SATA drive bays
  • Intel SATA SSD drives (when needed)

The advantage of choosing the standard platform for your server are:

Other Server Hardware

isginf will also fully manage other server hardware that was purchased through isginf but only if certain requirements are met:

  • The hardware is server grade. Workstations do explicitly not qualify for a server installation.
  • The hardware is still under warranty.
  • The system has at least two hard disks with hardware RAID1.
  • The server is certified to run the operating system of choice.

Compatibility issues may degrade the level of support that isginf provides for all server hardware other than the standard platform.


Our hosting service will take care of placing the server in one of the server rooms.


Before the warranty of the server hardware ends we will contact you to discuss an upgrade path.

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