The IT Shop is open to all members and students of ETH to obtain software for which ETH has special licensing conditions.

Using the IT Shop

The ordering process is slow, please be patient. Even for free software it takes several minutes for the mail with the installation instructions to arrive.

License files can be found in the overview of your ordered software in the IT Shop and are not included in the confirmation mail.

Licensing Terms

Software use rights expire when the user leaves ETH Zurich (termination of employment or exmatriculation). All ETH software that is still installed on private computers must be deleted.

Members of D-INFK

For computers installed and managed by isginf, the licensing and installation of software is also completely done by us. If you have such a computer, you just contact your IT Coordinator or isginf and request the software to be installed. If a license is needed, we will get it for you.

If you do have licenses in IT Shop, for software already installed by isginf, keep them but do not renew them, otherwise you will pay twice.

Self-Managed Computers

For those who install software on self-managed computers, the shop's URL is as follows:

When ordering software, that is not for free, there are two pieces of information you need:
  • The fund number to be used for the billing of the software cost.
  • The person in your group who deals with the orders and who should get the order notification mail.

Both can be obtained from your ITC or administrative assistant.


Most of the software for students can be used for free. A few products have a small charge that can be paid by credit card.


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