Room and Multimedia Equipment Booking

isginf operates an online booking system at

which is used for booking various resources of the D-INFK:

Access Restrictions

All entries in the booking system are public and can be viewed without authentication. To create, edit or remove a booking authenticate with your ETH user name and mail password.

Only staff members (professors, doctoral students, technical and administrative staff) of the D-INFK and a few select others can book resources.

Group Resources

Some institutes and groups are also managing the booking of their private meeting rooms through our online booking system. Currently these are:

The group private resources have the booking policy noted on the booking page. Please do not book resources that you are not meant to!


You can find the documentation on the help page of the booking system itself.

The web interface is intuitive to use. Please note that the brief description of a booking is used for displaying the booking on the door signs of the department-owned rooms.

Notification Mail

The person making a booking will receive an email containing an iCal file to add it to a calendar. Similar mails are sent when a booking is modified or deleted.

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