isginf operates a Nextcloud service similar to Polybox at

The main features are:

  • Store files (on ETH premises) and share them over the internet.
  • Synchronise the data over multiple devices in addition to the copy on
  • Collaborate online on documents, calendars, task and to-do lists and more.
  • Chat with others.

Currently this service is no highly available. Downtime will be announced for maintenance and updates.


The web interface at is open to the internet. The service is available for both D-INFK members and D-INFK students who can log in using their ETH user name and ETH password for web applications.

Alternatively there are sync clients for the major computer operating systems as well as apps for the common mobile operating systems. Instructions for the installation are on the help page.

Disk Space

D-INFK members start with 100GB storage. D-INFK students are limited to 10GB.

Group Storage

Dedicated storage can be allocated for research groups, projects and classes which is then not bound to a personal account. ITCs should contact our service desk for options.


All data is backed up daily for 21 days.

Restore from a backup is often not needed. Deleted files are moved to the trash. Files are also versioned and have a dynamic history that uses up to 50% of an accounts unused disk space.

The disk usage displayed in the main page includes the space used for versions and trash.

Sharing Data

Data in a cloud account can be shared with others. Sharing by link is best for people outside the D-INFK or ETH Zurich in general. Sharing with people on is best done by user name or circle. More details are on the help page.


Each user can define circles, groups of other users to more easily share documents with groups of other users.

Collaborative Document Editing

The office documents (text, spreadsheet and presentation) and the editor for markdown files (ending in .md) is collaborative. Documents shared with others can be edited concurrently.

Collaboratively edited documents are only synchronized back to the file storage once the last editor has closed the document. If a browser tab remains open then the changes are not written back.


Currently the following applications are available to work with your data or data shared with you on

Application Collaborate Use
Decks green Organize tasks in kanban boards.
Tasks green Manage to-do lists.
Photos   Organise pictures in albums and share them with others.
KeeWeb   Editor and viewer for KeePass (.kdbx) password databases.
Calendar green Manage calendars
Talk green Chat with others

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