The Department of Computer Science uses the campus-wide mail service based on Microsoft Exchange provided by IT Services of ETH Zurich. isginf provides first-level support for the service to D-INFK members.

If you are a BSc or MSc student then your mail is in Exchange Online and the information below does not apply to you. Instead use the instructions for client setup here and access to web mail here.

Mail Account

A mail account is required to both read and send mail. Your personal mail account is part of your ETH user account.

Access to the mail service always requires authentication using your ETH user name and ETH password for email.

Mail addresses policy

The following policy applies for mail addresses at D-INFK:

Professors, doctoral students, technical and administrative staff and
Guest and all others

New user accounts are automatically set up according to the above policy.

Web Interface

Mail can be easily read and composed with any modern web browser using the web interface located at

Mail Archive

All mails older than 30 days that have not been deleted are copied to We recommend to use this service only for backup purposes.

Mail Client Configuration

Setup instructions for various mail clients can be found in our help and support section.


The full documentation and instructions provided by ITS is here.


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