cart.jpg The D-INFK owns a portable WolfVision VZ-9.4F Visualizer that can be booked online with our booking system.

The Visualizer has many features that make it perfect for presenting:

  • A small display shows what is presented and how it looks.
  • Recording of videos and images of the presented area to a USB stick.
  • Remote control.
  • Annotation of the projected image using a tablet.
  • Streaming content from a tablet or mobile device.

We recommend to lend the device before first use and try the various feature to best integrate it in your presentation.


The Visualizer can be booked online. Please include enough time in your booking to pick it up at our service desk and return it.


Setting up the Visualizer in a lecture room at ETH is done in two minutes:

  • Unpack and unfold the Visualizer and put it on the table.
  • Connect the room projector using the HDMI cable and the leftmost HDMI plug on the back of the Visualizer.
  • Optionally plug in the USB WIFI stick for connecting from the tablet.
  • Connect the power and power on.


A quick guide as well as the user manual in English and German are in the carry bag. For a crash course please contact our service desk.

Annotation and Streaming from a Tablet

Install the vSolution Connect app (for iOS and Android) on your device.

After powering on the Visualizer with the WIFI USB stick inserted, connect your tablet to the SSID VZ-9-4L-1065737. The password is on a laminated card inside the carry bag.

Start the vSolution app and follow the instructions for pairing it with the Visualizer.

Please note that for performance reasons the WIFI connection only supports 5GHz.


To correctly put the Visualizer in the carry bag, please follow the following steps:

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