Support for the print service for students is done completely by IT Services of ETH Zurich. In case of problems, please contact the ITS service desk.

Prepaid Balance and Free Pages

ETH gives an allowance of CHF 18 for free printing. Once this is used up you can top up your prepaid account at » meine Services » Prepay using a credit card.

You cannot print anymore if your free pages and prepaid account are empty.

Printer Locations

All print jobs that you submit are stored on a server for 24 hours and can be released at any printer designated for student printing. Printers that are available for printing for students can be found here:

A complete list of all printers where students can release their print jobs can be found here .

Paper and Toner

Paper and toner are periodically refilled by ITS. If one of the printers in CAB is out of paper or toner then please contact our service desk to organize a refill.

Technical Problems

If one of the printers has problems then please contact the phone number noted on the information card on the printer.

Web Print

The easiest way to submit a print job, which also works on mobile devices, is to use web printing at

Detailed instructions can be found here.

Printer Driver Installation

If you need to print more often you can also install the necessary print driver on you computer. Instructions for the common operating systems can be found here.

For students the print server must be and the only printer that works is card-stud.


The current prices in CHF per page are as follows:

One-sided Two-sided
Black and white 0.02 0.03
Colour 0.07 0.13

For colour print jobs an automatic detection of pages that are only black and white is done. The black and white prices will be charged for pages that do not need colour.

For each print job the cost of the job is calculated when it is submitted and deduced from your balance. When the job is deleted or expires after 24 hours, the money is returned. When the job is printed, the money for any page that is not printed (paper jam or print job aborted) will be returned.

The complete transaction history of you print jobs can be seen at » Transaction History.

Scanning and other Functions

Scanning to email and USB stick is supported by all student printers and is free of charge.


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