Known Issues

Backup is corrupted

backup corrupted The technology used to implement Time Machine is susceptible to network interruptions or sudden shut-down of a Mac. When this happens Time Machine will need to repair the backup image. If it cannot do this successfully it suggests to create a new backup.

If this happens do not select Start New backup. All old backup data will be lost if you do! Contact our service desk immediately to restore the last undamaged Time Machine backup image.

Backup is full

backup full As long as there is space left Time Machine will not discard old data from the backup. When there is no space left on the backup share it will suggest to start deleting the oldest data in the backup to make room for new data.

If you need the complete backup of all data ever on your Mac then contact our service desk to increase the size of the backup share.

Time Machine does not show hidden files

By default hidden files are not shown in the Time Machine view. To change that run the following commands in a terminal window before entering Time Machine:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

Migration Asistant can not find the restore share

Make sure the link afp:// has "/" at the end.

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