Log in using your ETH user name and the ETH password for email. You can only login to the machines of your research group.

Home Directory

The home directory is on the personal data storage.


Data in your home directory is backed up on the storage server directly.

There is no backup of data in /local or other locations as well as the overall systems state and software that is not centrally managed by isginf.


The printers near to you are already configured for direct printing as well as card-eth for pull printing.


Software can be installed and removed through the package manager of the GNOME (for Red Hat Enterprise Linux) or Unity (for Ubuntu) desktop by any user logged in. Centrally deployed new software is installed every night or on system start up.

Root access is only needed when installing software from source code or packages not in one of the active software channels or repositories.


The operating system and software is updated on system start-up.

Please do not reboot a system during start-up until the login screen is displayed. Doing so may damage the installation!

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