SPAM Filter

The mailing list server uses the same SPAM filter (MailCleaner) as the regular mail system does.

Each mailing list has two quarantines, one for the mailing list itself and one for all the administrative addresses. They can be configured individually just like for regular mailboxes:

Login Addresses
{list name} {list name}
{list name}-owner {list name}, {list name}, {list name}, {list name}, {list name}, {list name}, {list name}, {list name}

Login to MailCleaner

To log in to one of the two quarantines use the respective login above, choose as domain and use the list owner password that you also use for the list at

Recommended Configuration

The following configuration is recommended for both (and is also the default configuration for newly created mailing lists):

  • Retain messages detected as SPAM in the quarantine.
  • Retain error messages in the quarantine.
  • Retain newsletters in the quarantine.
  • Send daily report to {list name}

MailCleaner has a few weaknesses so it is not safe to discard or ignore the quarantine report for mails to the list without giving it some thought.

Quarantine reports sent to your ETH mailbox may get caught in your personal quarantine because the report contains the subject of each quarantined mail which in some cases is already enough to trigger the filter. To avoid this from happening, please add the following pattern to the MailCleaner white list for all your addresses:


Internal Mailing Lists

For internal mailing lists with manual membership management the daily report for the administrative addresses ({list name}-owner) can be safely set to none.

Alternatively you can also deliver all SPAM with tagging if only list members are allowed to post.

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