Remote Access

There are several ways to access the IT infrastructure of ETH Zurich and the Department of Computer Science (D-INFK) remotely.


To securely access IT resources in the the ETH network from outside ETH you should use VPN.

D-INFK members can use private VPN which enables a direct VPN tunnel to a network behind your group firewall. The necessary credentials can be obtained from your IT Coordinator or isginf.

Secure Shell (SSH)

How to access systems at ETH by secure shell (SSH), especially if they are behind the firewall is documented here.

File Access

Access to data on the NAS, personal and project storage and scratch storage is possible from anywhere when using VPN.

WLAN Access Points outside ETH Zurich

The VPN service of your IAM user account enables you to use several WLAN access points outside ETH Zurich for free. Details on the usable access points and provides can be found here.

Typically you connect to the WLAN network without authenticating and directly start and connect your ETH VPN client.

iPass International Roaming Service

ETH employees, needing to access the ETH network while on official business trips or for other official purposes, can apply for iPass, the international roaming service. More information can be found here.

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