Student Labs

isginf maintains public student computer labs that are open to all students, members and guests of the Department of Computer Science (D-INFK). These labs are also used for courses and exercises. The current booking of the rooms can be checked in our online booking system.

Room Installations Computers Number of Computers
CAB H 56 Dual boot Microsoft Windows 10 and Ubuntu 22.04 stud1-h56 - stud26-h56 26
CAB H 57 Dual boot Microsoft Windows 10 and Ubuntu 22.04 stud1-h57 - stud24-h57 24

Additionally, there are Linux login servers available for remote access.

For help and support for workstations in these rooms, you may want to read on here.

Select Operating System

All student lab computers have Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu installed. Once a workstation is powered on and the BIOS has initialized all hardware, a boot selector lets you start the operating system of your choice. To switch the running operating system you must reboot the workstation. By default the workstation will start Windows.

Please do not simply turn off a running workstation using the power switch to avoid damage to hardware and software. Use the reboot or shutdown button on the login screen to shut the operating system down first.

User Accounts

To log in to the workstation in the labs you need an IAM user account. All students and D-INFK members can log in to both Windows and Linux using their ETH user name and mail service password.

Home Directory

On Linux as well as Windows in the public student labs, your ETH home directory (provided by IT Services of ETH Zurich) is used to store personal data. (Windows: \\\users\u\user ; Linux: //$/user ). The Linux home directory and Windows profile are in the directory infk.


The default printer for both labs is in CAB H 57. An alternative printer of the same type is in front of CAB G 52. Both printers are configured in all operating systems in the labs.

Please contact if the printer has problems (paper jam, not enough toner, mechanical problems, out of paper, etc.)

Reporting Problems

If there is a problem with the lab computers, please contact isginf and send us

  1. A short description of the problem
  2. How to reproduce the problem
  3. The workstation (rifpc…) on which it occurred


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