Windows in the Student Labs

Information specific to the Microsoft Windows installed in the public student labs can be found below.

Home Directory

Your ETH home directory (provided by IT Services of ETH Zurich) is used to store your documents, desktop and profile (settings).

My Documents

The documents folder in your ETH home directory is used for your data in My Documents. This folder can also be accessed as T:\documents.


All data located on your Desktop are stored to the folder documents\desktop in your ETH home directory. This folder can also be accessed as T:\documents\desktop


Your profile containing settings and more is stored in the folder infk\lab-win7.v5 in your ETH home directory.

Be careful when deleting files within this folder, you may loose all your settings and other data stored in there.


The whole DFS is mapped to the drive letter Y:

Installed Software

The Windows software installed on the student lab machines is listed here.

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