Typically the administrative assistant closest to a printer is responsible for ordering paper and keeping the replacement toner that is automatically sent if the toner in the printer is low. Please consult this list to see for which printers you are the contact person.


When the toner for one of your printers is close to empty, a new toner will be sent to you.

Ordering Paper

For the printers you can order free paper in the office supplies shop under ETH Printing Service.

Printing on Special Paper

If you need to print on paper other than the standard 80g white or recycled paper you can order other types of paper in the ETH Printing Service section of the office supplies shop. Some are not for free but already include a CHF 0.01 per sheet price reduction.

Technical Problems

If a printer is broken you can request a service technician through the ITS service desk. isginf can assist you with the problem description. We recommend that you put a sign on the printer that it is broken and redirect your people to an alternative printer.

Printing Cost

Currently everything that is printed by department members is paid by the department directly and not by the individual research groups.

Paying for Individual Jobs

If you have a costly print job that should not be paid for by the department then please contact our service desk to handle a refund to the department printer fund 0-10510-14. This should be rare but for instance course material for external courses for which the group receives money is such a case.

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