Many administrative assistants have their own shredder for small amount of documents in their office or a near-by printer room.

isginf has one shredder in front of CAB E 46 that is also available to all administrative assistants who do not have their own shredder.

Shredding Service

Twice a year, isginf organizes the shredding services from REISSWOLF for large amounts of documents such as:

  • old exams
  • administrative files

Shortly after each semester starts we order a large secure transport container and announce this to the administrative assistant mailing list. Once a container is full it will be picked up and a new one is ordered if needed.

The container is in our warehouse in CAB E 42. Please come to our service desk if you have documents to destroy and need to lend a trolley.

The container is locked and can only be opened by isginf. It is therefore suitable to also hold sensitive files until it is picked up.


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