Conference Survival Kit

For conferences, lectures and meetings we have a portable box containing various items that may be helpful for presentations:

Count Item
1 8-port gigabit network switch with internal power supply
3 Network cable (2m, 3m and 7m)
1 RJ-45 gender changer (female-female)
1 Power extension cord (5m)
1 Power strip (3m)
2 Power adapter (World to CH)
1 Power adapter (US to CH)
1 Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter (CH)
1 Scissors and magic tape
1 Set of pens for white board
1 MiniDP to HDMI adapter
1 MiniDP to VGA adapter
1 Apple USB-C to HDMI/USB/USB-C adapter
1 Apple Thunderbolt to RJ45 Ethernet adapter
1 Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter
1 Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter

Where to Find

The survival kit is located above the self-service drawer cabinet in our warehouse and can be picked up 24/7 by any IT Coordinator. Other users can come to our service desk during opening hours to lend it.

Please return it to the warehouse when the event is finished and be sure that nothing is missing.

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