Time Machine Backup

isginf develops and operates a backup infrastructure that integrates with the native Time Machine backup of Apple macOS computers but is more reliable and resilient than a AirPort Time Capsule.

This service is available for free to all D-INFK members.

Self Service

Every member of the department can manage backup space for up to two Macs using the web Interface

of our service. The default size of a backup share is 250GB but ITCs can negotiate a different size for their group. Users who need more or larger backup shares should contact their ITC.

Usage is guided and how-to videos are on the online help page.

Backup and Snapshots

At 24:00 CEST every day a snapshot of all backups is made and kept for seven days. The most recent snapshot is also backed up to tape every day. If a backup becomes corrupted isginf can restore the last good backup from either the snapshots (fast) or tape (slow).

To ensure consistency of the tape backup new Time Machine backups cannot start between 22:30 and 00:30 CEST.

Redundant Backup to external HDD

Time Machine allows multiple backup targets. We recommend to additionally back up to an external USB hard drive.

Life Cycle

When a user leaves ETH or the department all backup shares will be deactivated and deleted one month later. They remain retrievable from tape backup for 90 days.

Limitations and Restrictions

The following limitations and restrictions apply to this service:

  • Apple only supports macOS servers and Time Capsules for Time Machine. The open source solution is not supported and may break any time Apple releases an update for macOS.
  • The backup share may not be used to store data other than Time Machine backups.


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