Windows and Linux Client Backup

isginf develops and operates a backup infrastructure for Windows and Linux clients. Currently the following backup client software is supported:

All of the above support:

  • encryption of the data on the client, isginf cannot see your data.
  • efficient storage and network bandwidth usage
  • protection from ransome-ware (local disk backup does not!)

This service is available for free to all D-INFK members.

Self Service

Every member of the department can manage backup spaces for up to two systems directly at the web interface

of the service. The default size of a backup space for D-INFK members is 100GB but ITCs can negotiate a different size for their group. Individual users who need more or larger backup spaces should contact our service desk.

Setup and configuration is fully guided.


Both the web interface and the network service used for the respective backup client are accessible world-wide. The web interface is at:

To log in use your ETH user name and ETH password for email.

Limitations and Restrictions

The following limitations and restrictions apply to this service:

  • Currently we allow one backup per day.
  • The backup spaces may not be used to store data other than backups.

Life Cycle

When a user leaves ETH or the Department of Computer Science the backup spaces will be disabled and deleted one month later.


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