At a Glance
Deployment manual
Support by isginf best-effort
User management local on computer
Backup Time Machine
Administrator (root) access for computer owner mandatory
OS installation isginf
Configuration and setup owner (with help of isginf)
Updates & security fixes owner
Software licensing & installation owner

Supported Versions

Release Installation Support
Sierra 10.12    
High Sierra 10.13    
Mojave 10.14   X
Catalina 10.15 X X
Big Sur 11.1 X X


isginf offers to install macOS on recent Apple desktops and laptops. The service is geared towards administrative staff using Macs and users who want a working installation that they take over and manage themselves.

ITCs or administrative staff who want to request a (re-)installation of a Mac should contact our service desk.

The installation of the operating system is done by isginf. We offer to do the following steps together with the owner of a computer:

  • Sign-in with an Apple ID
  • Local account setup
  • Software installation (from the IT Shop or internet)
  • WLAN and VPN setup
  • Printer setup
  • Mail and calendar client setup
  • Enable backup via Time Machine

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