Microsoft Windows

At a Glance
Deployment over the network
Support by isginf full
User management Active Directory or local on computer
Backup none, all important data must be on CIFS/SMB shares
Administrator access for computer owner optional
OS installation isginf
Configuration and setup isginf
Updates & security fixes isginf (for managed software)
Software licensing & installation isginf (for managed software)

Supported Versions

Release Installation Support
Windows 7 Enterprise    
Windows 8.1 Enterprise   X
Windows 10 Education X X

For other versions of Windows we provide best-effort support in case of issues, provided that the version of Windows is still supported by Microsoft.


isginf offers fully managed installation of Windows on desktop and laptop computers. Installations are deployed automatically over the network. ITCs can request an installation through our installation request form.

Supported Hardware

In general we are able to install Windows on all 64 bit platforms as long as drivers for all components are available.


A lot of software is already packaged and can be installed on a computer automatically even after installation. ITCs can define a standard software set for their group.


The software licensing for the operating system and all software installed via the package deployment system is handled by isginf.


The operating system as well as all software installed via the package deployment system is automatically updated.

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