The following list shows the model of the printer at each location and who is responsible for paper and toner. These building maps show the location of all printers in the D-INFK buildings.

Printer Name ModelSorted ascending Location Contact
p-cab-e-61-1 MP C3003SP CAB E 61.1 (outside) Thomas Schmid
p-cab-f-17-1 MP C3003SP CAB F 17.1 Jan Lichtensteiger
p-cab-f-64 MP C3003SP CAB F 64 (outside) Franziska Hefti
p-cab-f-78 MP C3003SP CAB F 78 Simonetta Zysset
p-cab-f-85-2 MP C3003SP CAB F 85.2 (outside) Ilona Wettstein
p-cab-g-19-1 MP C3003SP CAB G 19.1 (outside) Andrea Salow
p-cab-g-66-1 MP C3003SP CAB G 66.1 Rita Klute
p-cab-h-36-2 MP C3003SP CAB H 36.2 (outside) Claudia Guenthart
p-cab-h-68 MP C3003SP CAB H 68 Marlies Weissert
p-cnb-e-105 MP C3003SP CNB E 105 Barbara von Allmen Wilson
p-cnb-f-103-1 MP C3003SP CNB F 103.1 (outside) Barbara Pfändner
ivc-printer-01 MP C3003SP CNB G 101 (outside) Marianna Berger
p-ung-g-13 MP C3003SP UNG G 13 Sandra Herkle
p-cnb-h-112 MP C3004SP CNB H 112 Ariane Nake
p-cab-f-42-1-b MP C305SP CAB F 42.1 Sibille Etling
p-cab-f-51-1 MP C305SP CAB F 51.1 (outside) Natalia Marciniak
p-cab-g-38 MP C305SP CAB G 38 (outside) Andrea Salow
p-cab-g-85-2 MP C305SP CAB G 85.2 (outside) Marianna Berger
p-cab-h-15-2 MP C305SP CAB H 15.2 (outside) Claudia Guenthart
p-cab-h-85-2 MP C305SP CAB H 85.2 (outside) Marlies Weissert
p-cab-j-21-1 MP C305SP CAB J 21.1 Andrea Salow
p-cab-j-71-4 MP C305SP CAB J 71.4 Marlies Weissert
p-cnb-d-102-1 MP C305SP CNB D 102.1 Thomas Schmid
p-cnb-g-107-1 MP C305SP CNB G 107.1 Marianna Berger
p-cnb-g-107.2 MP C305SP CNB G 107.2 Markus Portmann
p-ung-f-13 MP C305SP UNG F 13 Stefan Dröschler
p-cab-e-64-2 MP C307SP CAB E 64.2 (outside) Ariane Nake
p-cab-e-71-1 MP C307SP CAB D 75.2 Tracy Ewen
p-std-h-22 MP C3504ex STD H 22 Manuel Kaufmann

Printer Models

The primary differences between the two models is that the MP C3003SP can print on A3 paper and is faster and bigger than the MP C305SP.

Pull Printing

Jobs printed to the pull printing printer card-ethz can be released on any of the printers above.

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