Students are not associated automatically with a research group they are doing a project with. Anything a student prints is paid from the students free-pages or prepaid print account. In some cases a student should be able to print and have the group pay for the jobs:

  • Students working on master's or bachelor's thesis.
  • Student assistants hired for a research project.

For these cases any member of a research group can transfer a small amount to the students printing account. To do so follow the instructions below.

Transfer of Credits

Go to

and log in with your ETH user name and mail service password. The rest of the documentation here assumes you choose English as language:

step 1Click Transfers on the left side.

step 2Enter the desired amount to transfer, the ETH user name of the person to give it to and click Transfer.

Best Practice

We suggest that the supervisor of a student in a research group initially gives CHF 5.00 which is enough for 330 double-sided, black and white pages.

You cannot get the money back from the student so only give small amounts.

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