Configuration Management

Important parts of the configuration of isginf managed Linux systems (servers and desktops) are updated from a central repository. Currently isginf uses Config5 for this purpose.

The configuration is automatically updated and all managed files that were changed will be overwritten

  • on reboot
  • at a random time between 5 minutes and 15 minutes past every full hour

Files under Configuration Management

Whenever possible all centrally managed files files are tagged with a banner like the one below:

# ======================
# $Id: ... $
# Derived from feature ..., class ...

You can also get the full list of all files that are at the moment potentially managed by running

/usr/supp/config5/bin/config5 --report files

If you have root access and need to change a managed file please contact isginf.

Disabling Configuration Management

To temporarily disable automatic configuration management run the following command as root:

/usr/supp/config5/bin/config5 --disable

to enable it again run the following command as root:

/usr/supp/config5/bin/config5 --enable

Permanently disabling the configuration management is strongly discouraged as the system may miss important configuration changes or security fixes.

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