isginf offers Git version control using GitLab Community Edition to members and research groups of the D-INFK.


An account is automatically created for D-INFK members who can also have personal projects.

All D-INFK students also automatically get an account but can only upload ssh keys.


The GitLab web-interface is at

ETH users can authenticate with their ETH user name and ETH password for web applications. External users can use their Google or GitHub account for authentication.

API Access

To orchestrate and automate your extensive processes you can use Gitlab Web API for your puprose. We also recommend the high level python bindings python-gitlab (including a CLI tool) for a very easy API usage.


D-INFK members can have their own personal projects. Research groups can also have group projects and projects for courses.The project URL is of the form<group>/<project>.git

where <group> is the GitLab group (or your login for personal projects) and <project> is the name of the project.


Owners or Maintainers of a project can add other users to a project for collaboration.

Repository Size and LFS

The size of the raw repository of each project is limited to 1GB. Additional data that needs to be included with the repository can be put in LFS where there is currently no size restriction. Instruction how to use LFS can be found here.

Maintenance Notification

To get announcements shortly before maintenance downtimes, please subscribe to the mailing list


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