This guide shows how to set up an ETH print service printer on Linux. The names of the D-INFK printers and their location can be found in this list.

This setup guide uses system-config-printer. On Debian and Ubuntu you will need to install the DEB packages system-config-printer-gnome, smbclient, python3-smbc. On Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS install the RPM package system-config-printer.

If you are using a Linux distribution that uses Wayland, you have to run the xhost si:localuser:root before starting with the setup. If you are not sure whether your system is using Wayland, do this anyway. After finishing the printer setup, run xhost -si:localuser:root.

On Ubuntu: If the printer installation with the setup utility system-config-printer fails, please use these alternative installation steps.


Download the latest driver for the printers here. For card-ethz and card-stud please download Ricoh-MP_C3003_PS.ppd and use the configuration for MP C3003 PS.


Start the setup utility system-config-printer in a shell (as root).

step 1 Click on Add to add a new printer.

step 2
Choose Windows Printer via SAMBA under Network Printer.
  • Set SMB Printer to followed by the printer name.
  • Choose Prompt user if authentication is required.

step 3 Select Provide PPD file and choose the downloaded driver. Click Forward to continue.

step 4
Set the installable options. For the MP C3003 PS printer these are:
  • Options Tray: Tray 3 (LCT)
  • Finisher: Finisher 3150
For MP C305 SP use:
  • Options Tray: Tray 2 and 3

Click Forward to continue.

step 5 Edit the printer name and location and click Apply to finish.


step 8 When printing for the first time on this printer, the system will prompt you to enter your credentials. Do this and click Authenticate.

step 8 When printing for the second time on this printer, the system will prompt you a second time to enter your credentials. This time, you have the option to check Remember password, so the credentials won't have to be typed in again.

Default Printer

step 6 Right-click on the printer and choose Set As Default to make it the default printer.


step 6 Right-click on the printer choose Properties.

step 7
Go to Printer Options and make sure the settings are as follows:
  • Media Size: A4
  • Media Source: Auto Select
  • Duplex: Long Edge (recommended)
  • Color Mode: Black and White (recommended)
  • Paper Type: Plain/Recycled
Cick OK to finish.

Further Instructions

Further instructions by ITS (German only) can be found here.

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