Microsoft Windows

This guide shows how to set up a printer with Windows. The names of the D-INFK printers and their location can be found in this list.


step 1Click on Start button, type \\ and press Return.

step 2On computers that are not part of the D domain, an authentication dialog will pop up. Enter d\ followed by your ETH user name and the ETH password for email. Check Remember my credentials.

step 3Find the printer that you want to add and double-click on the icon. You can use the search field to only show the printers for one building. E.g. searching for cab will only show the printers in the CAB building.

step 4The printer will be installed automatically with the correct driver.

step 5When the printer is correctly installed, a window with the current print jobs for that printer will show up.

Default Printer

step 6Select Set As Default Printer in the Printer menu of the window to make this printer the default printer.


step 7Select Printing Preferences… in the Printer menu of the window to open the printing preferences window..

step 8
Verify that these settings are correct:
  • Document Size should be A4
  • Paper Type should be Plain & Recycled
  • 2 sided should be Long Edge Bind (recommended)
  • Color / Black and White should be Black and White (recommended)

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