Known Issues

Printers constantly pause after update to macOS 14 Sonoma

Error message: Enable to connect to printer.

Please check if HostName variable is set on your Mac:
scutil --get HostName

if it is, you can reset it:

 sudo scutil --set HostName ""

Or try ETH Printers Beta with IPP. This version is not treated as main release due to an unsolved bug: the very first printjob will always fail and get stuck in the local queue. To solve this issue, delete the job, resume the printer and send a new job, which should then be printed.

ETH Printers download -> smb:// Printers-2.pkg

New HP printers print Gray Scale by default.

The printer default color setting, which you can not set in the MacOS System Preferences (stored in /etc/cups/ppd/printer-name.ppd as an option HPColorAsGray=BlackInkOnly)

You can set it in the cups webinterface [https://localhost:631/admin] after enabling it with 'cupsctl WebInterface=yes' command.

You can also set it with
lpadmin -p printer-name -o HPColorAsGray=None
You need to reboot or relogin then, to reset the printing service.

To change the printer description use
lpadmin -p printer-name  -D "new description without Grayscale"

Change Staples

The instruction how to change staples you can find here.

Printing fails on macOS with the error message "Hold for Authentication"

This can happen after you change your ETH password for email or when you enter the wrong password the first time macOS asks for the password to print a job.

To fix this search for Keychain Access in the Spotlight Search, start the utility and perform the following steps.

step 1Search for pia in the search field.

step 1For each found entry of kind network password click on it while holding the control key and select Delete "…".

The print jobs on hold are lost and will disappear from the queue after a while.

Printing from Firefox on RHEL7 workstations does not work

A possible reason for this problem could be: The 32-bit version of Firefox (firefox.i686) is installed. Installing the 64-bit version (firefox.x86_64) should solve this problem.

Master students cannot print on expenses of their research group

Students can only print from their prepaid account. Anybody in a research group can transfer a small amount to a student for print jobs that should be paid by the research groups.

Where to send empty toner container

The right steps are outlined in the printing service - FAQ.


Known-error are outlined in the printing service - General Information - Known-errors.

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