isginf provides IT services and support to the research groups of the Department of Computer Science.

Helpful information for professors who will start at D-INFK can be found here. Things to be considered for professors who retire or leave us are listed up here.


All we generally do and how is outlined in our service description. However, everything can always be negotiated and there are few things we just cannot do. If you have the need for something IT related that we currently do not provide, then please contact Stefan Walter to find a solution.

Your IT Coordinator

Every research group has an IT Coordinator who will interact with us on the professors behalf. The person should also be aware how your group uses IT resources and what your needs are. We recommend to appoint a member of your group who has already worked at least a year.

Please be aware that the position comes with a lot of responsibility. Most requests from ITCs are executed by isginf staff without further inquiries, many of which can in theory have an adverse impact:

  • Creating, extending and deleting guest user accounts.
  • Changes to our services provided to your group.
  • Purchasing, repairing and disposing of IT equipment.
  • Ordering ITS provided resources such as virtual machines, storage, etc.

Getting Help

Send us an email to, call us on +41 44 632 7210 (internal 27210) or come to our service desk in CAB E 48 during our opening hours (Monday to Friday, 9:30-11:30 and 13:30-16:30). In the help section on our website you can also find solutions to the common issues and various instructions.

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