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isginf provides first-level support for the print service for all D-INFK members.

Printer Locations

The list of D-INFK printers along with the person responsible for toner and paper can be found here. A complete list of all printers of ETH can be found on the print server.

Desktops with an operating system managed by isginf are preconfigured for direct printing to the nearest printers of your group.

Push and Pull Printing

The print service supports two modes for printing

Push printing
The traditional way to print. The print job is sent to the selected printer and printed immediately.
Pull printing
The job is sent to a print server. The job is released at any printer at ETH by swiping the ETH card.

Pull printing helps in a lot of situations:

  • Printing sensitive information is easier because you can print it at a printer when you stand in front of it.
  • You can print documents from home or on the way to work and pick them up when and where you need them.

Web Printing

From mobile devices or computers without installed printer driver it is more convenient to upload files to be printed via web. You can either use the Web Print function at .

Printer Driver Installation

If you need to print more often you can also install the necessary print driver on you computer. Instructions for the common operating systems can be found here.

Uniform Printer Fleet

There are only a few different models of printers in the D-INFK buildings and they are compatible among each other. If your closest printer is broken or out of paper or toner, you can use pull printing to print out on any other printer.


All printing costs are currently paid by the department. Please use this service with discretion so that we can keep it this way:

  • Print on recycled paper which is more ecological.
  • Print in black and white to save cost.
  • Don't print at all but read the document on screen.

All print jobs are logged. The monthly report is usually reviewed and checked for abuse.


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