isginf has various offerings to assist D-INFK research groups and administration to being their data and applications on the web:

We also provide assistance with the following tasks:

  • firewall configuration
  • hardening of the server
  • planning of data access management
  • authenticated access


Sites are also available on the ETH AEM web platform, including the ETH look and feel for the site. More details are here.

Web Cluster

isginf maintains a clustered Linux web server which is suitable for hosting generic websites for research projects, groups, events, etc. The personal home pages of the D-INFK members are also hosted on this cluster.


If access to external data such as databases is required, then it is important to adjust the firewall and other IP restrictions on the external systems to allow access from the IP addresses to and web-login.inf.ethz.ch.

Login Host

Site admins and owners of personal home pages cannot log in to the above servers directly. Instead they can log in to the login host


using a secure shell or SFTP client.

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