The network of ETH Zurich, both WLAN and wired network, are provided and maintained by IT Services of ETH Zurich (ITS).

How to Connect

For mobile devices using the wireless network of ETH is the most convenient.

In public rooms such as CAB F 31 or G 41 you can also connect laptops using a cable. UTP plugs there are configured for public docking.

D-INFK members can ask your IT Coordinator or isginf for a wired connection with a fixed IP address in their office.


For a secure connection when not at ETH we recommend to use VPN once you have established general internet connectivity, for instance at home, in a coffee shop or in a hotel.


Guests who only need wireless LAN (WIFI or WLAN) access can get free access to the internet for 24 hours. All that is needed is a mobile phone number to receive a text message with a validation code.

Network Hotline

For quick help please call the hotline of the IT Services of ETH Zurich network group:
044 632 35 55

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