Guest Access

Guests visiting ETH can connect to the internet using WIFI for 24 hours through one of the following SSIDs:

  • public (2.4GHz)
  • public-5 (5GHz)

For internet access please connect your device to one of the SSIDs above. Depending on your device and software, a login window will pop up with the following page. If not you may need to open a browser and navigate to any page outside of ETH, e.g. ,

Login Procedure

Step 1 Choose Guest Access Wi-Fi.

Step 2 Enter your personal information (First name, last name and mobile phone number) and click Save. Please note that the phone number must not contain any blanks

Step 3 Wait for a text message on you mobile containing a six digit validation code. Enter the validation code and click Save.

Step 4 Choose a password that fulfills the described requirements and click Save. Please be sure to memorize the password or store in a password safe application.

Step 5 A summary display the automatically generated user name. Click on Accept to return to the login page. You will also receive the user name via a text message.

Step 6 Log in using the user name and the password you have set.


  • If you have forgotten the password then repeat the registration procedure above to create a new login.
  • If the login has expired then repeat the registration procedure above to create a new login.

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