Guest Access

Guests visiting ETH can connect to the internet using WIFI for 24 hours through one of the following SSIDs:

  • public (2.4GHz)
  • public-5 (5GHz)

For internet access please connect your device to one of the SSIDs above. Depending on your device and software, a login window will pop up with the following page. If not you may need to open a browser and navigate to any page outside of ETH, e.g. ,

Alternatively guests from other universities from all over the world could try to use the SSID eduroam with the credentials of their home university. Check here to see which other organizations are using Eduroam. In this case no ETH specific guest account would be needed for simple Internet access only.

Login Procedure

Step 1 Choose Guest Access Wi-Fi.

Step 2 Enter your personal information (First name, last name and mobile phone number) and click Save. Please note that the phone number must not contain any blanks

Step 3 Wait for a text message on you mobile containing a six digit validation code. Enter the validation code and click Save.

Step 4 Choose a password that fulfills the described requirements and click Save. Please be sure to memorize the password or store in a password safe application.

Step 5 A summary display the automatically generated user name. Click on Accept to return to the login page. You will also receive the user name via a text message.

Step 6 Log in using the user name and the password you have set.


  • If you have forgotten the password then repeat the registration procedure above to create a new login.
  • If the login has expired then repeat the registration procedure above to create a new login.

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