For IT Coordinators

The booking of a seat in CAB E 81 is done by the ITC.


  • Only students doing a master thesis at D-INFK may be placed in this room.
  • Only students who need a desk and a fixed computer for the whole duration of their project may be placed in the room.
  • Research groups who have their own labs (e.g. Visual Computing) should first place students there.
  • A workstation cannot be shared among several students.
  • A reservation should not start or end at some random date. Please use the official start date of the thesis as start date for the reservation. For the end date add a week at most to the official end date to give the student the opportunity to clean up and hand in all files.

Online Booking

The online booking tool can be found at

Booking for Students not yet at ETH

If the student for which you are doing a reservation does not yet have an ETH user account then please use ETH user name of the assistant responsible for the student project. Once the student does have an ETH user name account, please contact our service desk to update the booking information.

If the reservation starts before the ETH user name of the real student is registered, the student will not be able to log in to computer.

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