The matrix below lists the responsibilities of each staff member of isginf. M means main responsibility, B stands for backup.

Generall all users should contact our service desk instead of individual staff members.

Responsibility Matrix

Dean Matthias Moritz Andrei Manuel Thomas S. Martin Stefan Marcel Apprentice
IT Support
ISGINF homepage               M    
OTRS               M    
Service desk             B M    
Student labs Windows B     M B          
Student labs RH     M              
Student labs Ubuntu   B B   M          
Multimedia           M   B    
Server rooms             M B    
Network       B     M      
Virtualization     M           B  
Mail               M    
Web server     B (CS)         B M  
File services     M              
Account management               M    
Printing             M     B
Installation system M M M M M   M M M  
Mailing Lists     M         B    
Version control (GIT)   M             B  
Version control (SVN)     B           M  
Monitoring             M      
ITS VMs     M           B  
iiTwiki               M    
Booking System         M     B    
Sharepoint M             B    
Purchase         B M        
Repairs         B M        
Warehouse           M       B
Disposal           M       B
Inventory         B M        
Lending         B M        
Software and Operating Systems
Red Hat     M       B M B  
Ubuntu/Debian   M B   M   B B B  
macOS     B M B   B B B  
Windows M     M B          
Team leader             B M    
Apprentice teacher             M B    

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