Client Setup

Activating networking on all major operating systems is straightforward.


By default wired network connections are set to DHCP. As a D-INFK member you can contact your IT Coordinator or isginf to configure a UTP plug in an office and create a DNS and DHCP entry for the device you want to connect to the ETH network. Get a cable, plug it into the UTP plug in the wall and the (correct) RJ45 plug in your device and you are done.

Apple Macs may require additional settings to get wired networking to work smoothly.


For devices with wireless networking (WIFI or WLAN) just add a new wireless connection for SSID eduroam. Alternatively you can also use one of the other SSIDs depending on how you use the device that you are connecting. When prompted for a login use the following user name and your IAM network password:

  • <your login> if you are a staff member such as professors, assistants, post-docs and technical staff)
  • <your login> if you are a student
  • <your login> if you are a guest

ITS has instructions for configuring WIFI on the popular operating systems.

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